The internet as well as other interactive Medias are getting more and more significant and backup their pertinence in each account planning.

We commit all the potentials of the medium for you and we promote your campaign successfully in the World Wide Web.

Communicate fair for target groups in our qualified and high-grade portfolio. Moreover, we show you the possibilities of targeting so you can isolate your message regionally.

More than 160 attractive websites bunched in 18 fields of interest are offering the ideal surrounding for your online campaign.

Standard advertising sizes as well as individual integration and size are available for you to achieve the aim of your campaign.

Payroll Type is “TKP = Thousand-Kontakt-Price”. That’s the price for 1000 flashes of your advertising media (due at sight).

Use the internet for your own communication.
We like to advise you and assist you.

With us, you will be well advised and assisted concerning your venture.