Strategic and conceptual consultation.
An independent, able and above all individual consultation is the base for all solutions. In a personal talk, we together will find which your aims are and we will prepare a draft for your individual solutions.


The right marketing strategy influences and highly protects the success of the company. It has an extraordinary meaning. Your target group and an equal creative and effective target-group-communication build the foundation stone for a successful strategy of business.

The spectrum of the online medium is large and ranges from the classic campaign of banners, searching tools and affiliate marketing to tailor made methods of resolutions.

According to your objective targets and considering the actual activities of market and competition, we develop the right online communication concept for you.


An indispensable component of every online-campaign is the ad server. The allocation and the delivery of advertising media happens central on our efficient ad server.

Moreover our ad server can be used as a helpful and important tracking tool. The advantages are obvious:

–  real time-modus for an in time actual reporting
–  Evaluation and transmission of visual contacts and clicks
–  Flexible upload and exchange of new motives and advertising medium
–  Central and unitary reporting
–  Different measures can be compared and equally optimized
–  Base of the payoff

Generation of address 

For a purposeful and personal address, valid and above all relevant addresses are of an extraordinary importance.

Generate valuable addresses permission-based and specific for your product and use those for your activities in distribution and marketing.

Win new customers and amplify your customers’ data base.


Our direct emailing is the pendant to the classic direct mailing. We send so-called “standalone-mailings” which are precisely coordinated for target groups and brought down for your clientele.

The recipients of our database can be selected and accosted after different criteria and fields of interest. Moreover, they are permission based on email advertising, telephone marketing and postal mail.

Profit of these potentialities.
It is a pleasure for us to advise and assist you on your intentions.


In respect of the extensive modalities and specifications, the creation of the online advertising moulds represents a special challenge.

Our service in this purview comprises conception, layout and production of:

–  Innovative and interactive medium of advertising
–  Lotteries
–  Websites, Microsites
–  Richmedia-sizes ( HTML, DHTML, Flash, Java etc.)
–  Streaming


You are a carrier of communication media and you want your medium to be exploited?

Successful marketing needs, among others, an extensive benchmark, and an exact analyse of target groups and a potential ascertainment as well as a connection of relevant facts in time well.

Together and considering your defaults, we develop advertising forms especially for your medium which are in line with the market. In that way we generate extra returns.

With the experience of many years in different trades and the professional expert knowledge, Mediahouse is a qualified partner and assists you in marketing of your medias.

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